Vintage Windmill Ceiling Fan

Up until the 1940’s, there were over a hundred different windmill companies still in operation. Many gave up regular operations to support the war effort, and stopped manufacturing windmills altogether. At the turn of this century, there were only two American-made windmill companies still in existence: The Aermotor Company, and The Dempster Windmill Company. In 2012, Dempster closed their doors, leaving Aermotor as the only one still harkening from the 1800’s. We often get requests to convert a customer’s old windmill wheel into a ceiling fan, and the windmill they have may be a Monitor Baker, Flint & Walling, Fairbury, Challenge, or other windmill model no longer in existence. As long as the hub supports the inverted installation for the windmill ceiling fan, and it is in good serviceable condition, we can build a windmill ceiling fan out of it. For rustic design themes, an old vintage / antique windmill wheel is a perfect fit. If you have an old windmill yourself, or know where you can get one, let us help you convert it into a beautiful windmill ceiling fan to set your space apart from the rest!!

God Bless,
James C. McKendree
Windmill Ceiling Fans of Texas

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