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We build custom windmill ceiling fans using real, authentic vintage windmill wheels, as well as new & distressed windmill wheels built to earlier Aermotor specifications. With over 50 years of family history in the traditional windmill business, we are proud to be connecting each of you to the generations past through each fan we sell. Our patent pending motor design is 100% made in the U.S.A.. The motors we provide have a tried and true history of rugged dependability in the agricultural industry throughout the mid-west. With over 200 fans sold to homes and businesses across the United States, Canada, Australia, and a brief moment on HGTV, we strive to continue improving in every way we can, every day. Finally, we believe that a handshake is a contract, quality service means taking pride in what you do, and hard work is good for the soul.

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6′ (72″)

Our 6′ (72″) Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fans are most popular in homes, back porches, outdoor kitchens, mancaves, & many other spaces where size of the room is a factor and air movement is key.

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8′ (96″)

Our 8′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fans are found mostly in larger living spaces, such as large living rooms, back porches, barns and barndominiums, wedding venues, breweries, distilleries, and wineries. For rustic aesthetics and great air flow, these are a fantastic option.

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10′ (120″)

Our 10′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fans are the largest fan we have produced thus far. They are most popular in commercial spaces, especially wedding venues, however many of our customers have put them in their homes. If you need air flow and that “WOW” factor, these are a great fit.

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