Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a few things you need to know about our fans in order to best prepare for your installation. Listed below are the questions we most often get, as well as additional information for you as the fan owner, installer, builder, or electrician.


I have a windmill already. Can I use it?

Absolutely! We’ll need to get some information from you to determine if it is suitable and safe to use. We can supply you with everything else you need to convert your windmill into a fan. If your windmill is still assembled, call us or email us for some assistance on how to disassemble it. Up until the 1940’s, there were close to 100 different models of windmills throughout the United States. We can help you identify the brand and approximate year it was built.

Can the fan be mounted outdoors?

It sure can. Our customers have installed 6′, 8′, and 10′ fans outdoors on porches, outdoor kitchen areas, pavilions, and more. At our location, we tested one of our fans uncovered, exposed to the elements for over two years with no issues. The motors and drives are designed for rugged, agricultural and industrial use applications.

What are the fan size options?

Our standard fans are actual windmills built by The Aermotor Company. The sizes are 6′, 8′, and 10′ diameter. For 12′, 14′, or 16′ diameter fans, mounting considerations must be discussed due to the weight of the setup.

Are the fans variable speed and reversible?

Yes and yes. Each fan assembly comes with a variable speed drive unit (switch) that is reversible.

How much does each fan weigh?

6′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 130-150 lbs

8′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 210-240 lbs

10′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 350-375 lbs

Will the fan mount to an electrical box like a regular ceiling fan?

No. Each fan is mounted using steel straps that are pre-formed to fit the structural medium the fan is being connected to.

Can the fan motor be mounted in an attic or crawl space?

Yes. If possible, we highly recommend this option. We provide the brackets necessary to secure your motor assembly to the specific structural setup in your attic area. This may be a flat ceiling, vaulted, cathedral, etc. Regardless of the situation, we can help you determine the best solution for mounting your fan.

Can I mount a vane (tail, weather vane) to my fan?

Yes. Vane assemblies can be added for an additional charge.

What are the electrical details I need to know?

Our motors and drives are made in the U.S.A. Listed below are the details you and your electrician will need to know:

Power: DC

Wire Gauge Recommended: 14 gauge stranded

Input: 120VAC / Output: 90VDC.

*AC to DC conversion takes place within the DC drive we provide.

DC Drive will NOT fit in a single or double gang box, and is mounted flush against the wall.

What are the drop distances?

Each fan has a specific standard depth. The depth of each fan size is calculated as the distance from your beam / point of connection to the bottom of the windmill wheel. For additional drop distance, a drop shaft can be added for accuracy to the nearest inch. To determine if a drop shaft is needed, we need to know the desired resting height of your wheel from the floor. 

6′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 36″

8′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 41″

10′ Aermotor Windmill Ceiling Fan: 48″

Mounting your motor in an attic space with only the fan showing in the room is another way to lessen the drop distance without requiring a custom design.

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