New Design 2021!

Looking for something with a lighter price tag? Check out our new fan setup! 

New Design 2021!
6' Windmill Ceiling Fan Open Box Design

Complete Fan: $2,999

Model: 702

Windmill Company: 702 LLC, Laredo, Texas

* Hub Style: Vintage

* Sizes Offered: 6′ (72″)

* Finish Options: New Galvanized or Replicated Vintage (Distressed / Weathered)

* Drop Distance: 26″ (Fixed)  

* Brackets custom formed to your setup

* Motor & switch provided

* Ideal for low ceilings or back porch areas

* Roof pitch: 4/12 or lower

Wiring Information:

* Wiring for existing homes: 12-14 AWG, 2-leads

* Wiring for homes under construction: (1) 5-lead wire, 20 AWG, stranded & (1) 4-lead wire, 12 AWG, stranded

*If able to run new wire to motor site in an existing home, our new motor setup is highly recommended*

*Price not including tax & shipping*

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